If you get off the plane or train and you need a ride you must call Ace Rent a Car. I must tell you that I read some pretty bad reviews about them before renting a car from them, however my experience was nothing like what I read. Many people complained about the night pickup. Me and my girlfriend had to be picked up very late at night and whoever helped us was very friendly and helpful. They warned us that it is best to book a car ahead of time as sometimes they might not have available cars. Thankfully this wasn’t the case for that particular evening.

We received a clean car. Many people complain about how dirty the cars are when they rent them, and then they have to pay extra for the mess. This wasn’t our case at all. The car was super clean and we didn’t feel squeamish about touching anything. It basically felt like our own car back home. We did notice that other people before us didn’t pay enough attention and caused some damage to the car’s interior. We made sure to point this out before we drove it, and even took pictures.

The car had a spacious trunk and so we had no problems fitting all our luggage in it. Do you know how sometimes your bags get dusty in the trunk of a car? We were either really lucky or this is a common occurrence with Ace, but we didn’t have to deal with dirty luggage.

When it comes to the price we paid, I think we got a really nice deal. You often hear of how people had to pay extra for stuff they weren’t responsible for. We only paid as much as we were told we should pay. We were really happy with what we got this time around and will use their service again in the future.