I heard from a friend that Alamo Rent A Car is a reputable car rental company. During my trip last year I decided to go with them and it was the best decision I ever made. There are many companies that make me wait in line for a long time but not this one!

I already booked my car 2 days before I went on trip, and I used the online check-in. As I got there I saw my car was already prepared for me so I just picked it up. It took me about 10 minutes to get through the whole process, and this was incredibly helpful.

If you are wondering about the car selection, it’s huge. They have probably any car you can think of. You can rent a sports car, a truck and anything in between. The agents are very helpful from what I had the chance to see. They are not pressuring anyone to get any extra features but do offer these.

My trip only lasted for 2 days, so I did not need the car for a long time. If you do, there are many options you can check out on their official site. You can even rent a car for a month or 2, and return customers get all types of discounts. The website also has a section with special deals, so you may want to look there first. Another cool feature is the price drop from one day to another. After I made my reservation online, I noticed the fees were lower next day and I was able to pay less. This is a great options that I could not find anywhere else.

I would think the renting process goes fast even if you don’t make a reservation. I recommend this company to anyone.