I am not a big fan of flying and I do appreciate when others are trying to improve my flying experience. Starting some 4 months ago I started flying on a weekly basis to various cities because of my job. This means I can’t really complain about the price of the tickets, but you should know they’re affordable. One of my trips lasted just some 24 hours. I booked my flight with Alaska Airlines as a round trip. For someone who is familiar with flying what happened to me might sound like a normal thing, nothing out of the ordinary. It happened that I had the same crew to fly me back home, which turned out to be a good thing.

The airplane was almost full on my first trip and the flight attendants seemed overwhelmed by the situation. However they did their job well and I personally couldn’t tell if they were bothered by so many demands or not. As I mentioned earlier, my return trip was with the same crew. This made things easier for me as I knew what to expect from the attendants. At least one of them recognized me and she probably thought I’m a regular Alaska flier, which I wasn’t. However she took one look at me and disappeared. Some 10 minutes later she returned with her supervisor and they told me they made a mistake with my seat and took me to a better one, closer to the exit and with more legroom. This doesn’t seem like much for some of you, but I really liked their gesture and just for this I will continue to fly with them until my experience becomes unbearable. Not many airlines have such an attentive personnel, and this is why I want to further recommend them.