Me and my husband booked our American Airlines tickets online a months in advance because we knew they would be cheaper. We planned on flying to Texas to spend the holidays with his parents. We arrived at the airport quite early because we wanted to be the first in line at check in. We knew that this is a process that can last a long time. Waiting in line is one thing we deeply dislike. It seemed we decided well and while we weren’t quite the first in line, we were among the first. This ensured a smooth check-in process for us while the staff was still patient.

When we set foot in the aircraft we were directed to our seats in a polite manner. We notices the cabin was clean and well ventilated. On several occasions in the past we had the misfortune to embark on crafts that greatly needed some fresh air. The seats we were designed had plenty of legroom, or maybe we have short legs. We could even recline them for a more comfortable position. Not many people know it, but sometimes the recline system is broken and sitting in the same position for several hours on end will give you a stiff back.

The flight attendants made sure everyone had what they needed and wanted and was quick in offering their assistance. They offered snacks twice during the trip, and they also had various beverages, but no alcohol. Some people complained about this aspect, but I personally think this type of drink should be consumed at home. When we went to pick up our luggage we had no problems and we didn’t see anything wrong with our bags. Overall we had a hassle free flight and we will recommend American Airlines to anyone asking for an opinion.