I think Avis Rent A Car is one of the best car rentals out there. I needed a car for a few days, and I chose them after reading some online reviews. It was the best decision I made. When I am looking for a company I need to know they have many different types of cars available. Avis Rent A Car provides trucks, vans, but also other types if cars including luxury ones.

I did not have to go through a desk agent, I just used the website to pick the car I needed. I found that to be very convenient and easy to do. The company offers cars for any occasion, and the seats can be chosen according to your needs. The customer services helped me figure out what car I needed, as I was pretty undecided. I was also given several payment options, and was told discounts are offered if I need the rental for longer. Some of the cars include seats for kids of different ages, as well as left-hand or right-hand controls. Most of the cars are available on spot, but you will need a different type, you can place a request.

If you need to move out and need a car this company can help. The fees are affordable and no hidden charges are included. Many times when I rented a car in the past I discovered a lot of hidden costs. This company is upfront and honest, so what you see is what you get. I can’t complain about the car I got either, it was fast and easy to drive. It’s super easy to rent a car from them if you travel often, as they have locations pretty much everywhere. I had a nice experience with Avis Rent A Car and will be going back in the future.