Two months ago I had to fly home from abroad. I couldn’t find tickets with the company I wanted, or at least they weren’t in my budget. From the moment I stepped inside the aircraft I was positively impressed. Everything looked clean and tidy, unlike the other airplane I flew with. I heard many people complaining about not being able to close the luggage compartment above their heads, but this wasn’t an issue for me. Maybe my bag was smaller than theirs.

I was lucky enough to get a window seat, meaning I could get lost in my own thoughts throughout the flight. Sure going to the restroom was going to be a bit disturbing for the passenger next to me, however they couldn’t stay still at all. They were either afraid of flying, really bored, or really angry for not getting my seat. This wasn’t British Airways’ fault, but more of an unfortunate event.

I liked that I could position my seat completely flat, as this was a night flight and I need my sleep. To make the seat-bed more comfortable I had to leave it on recline, therefore not fully flat. This way I was also a little less disturbed by my seat neighbor. The mood lights made the those trip feel less stressful.

The flight attendants were very efficient, and rather fast in helping the passengers with whatever they needed. They were also quite patient with some of the passengers who couldn’t figure out how the seat belt was working, and other problems. They had really nice foods and snacks, but what topped it all off was their nice selection of wines. There weren’t too many wines to choose from, however they had some of the best stuff. People shouldn’t shy away from British Airways.