I always believed that the bigger a company is the better its services or products. This was proven right over and over, even when me the family booked a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines. As soon as we embarked their boat called Freedom we noticed just how clean everything was, and I don’t just mean our rooms. You can actually enjoy your trip more when everything you might touch looks clean, so we really appreciated this aspect.

The service was more than we expected. We were given a room above a room with a piano, and we are light sleepers. The sound was indeed muted, but it was too much for us. We requested to be given another room as we know that not all the rooms were occupied. The crew did all it could to move us to a more quiet room as soon as possible. Unlike other cruises and boats, our cabin steward was nearly invisible: he made sure to tidy up the room while we were away therefore we rarely saw him. Some people might find this a bit of a weird habit, while others might prefer it.

We really liked exploring the boat especially when it was docked as there were almost no other people around to bump into. We did so because we spend less time on land whenever we were in a port compared to the rest of the passengers.

The trip was anything but boring in our opinion. Everyone in my family found something to do we enjoyed, even if at times we only watched the very hilarious comedians. Those who loved dancing were very happy to learn that the musicians and DJs were not only playing all sorts of music genres, they were also taking countless requests. Everyone should sail at least once on board of Carnival Cruise Lines’ Freedom.