When it comes to traveling and sailing there is a cruising company to meet everyone’s needs. For our honeymoon, me and George choose the Celebrity Solstice ship because the solstice – as an annual event – has a special meaning for us. This was our first time cruising therefore everything was exciting, including trying to find our way from our cabin to the decks, to the restaurants, and back.

Our ship was a bit old and you could see its age showing here and there. However this aspect had no impact on how safe and clean this vessel is. Our cabin had a balcony, therefore we could enjoy the sea air without actually leaving cabin which was great for us as honeymooners. Intimacy was never an issue during our cruise.

We tried all the restaurants on board because we had plenty of time to do so. While just one of our sommeliers wasn’t experienced enough with recommending a nice wine, we couldn’t complain because the food was great. The rest of the staff at the restaurant made us feel like celebrities and made up for the inexperienced sommelier. We even tried some escargot one evening which was also a first for us. That evening was that more special because of the view offered by the location of the restaurant.

On the 4th night of our cruise, we started hearing some noise coming from under the bed, and we thought it could be a rat. I am very scared of any creature that is not supposed to be in the room with me, so we went to the Guest Relations to complain about it. They send someone right away to check what was the cause of the noise. Luckily for everyone a screw or something became loose, making us feel very uncomfortable. However the problem was quickly dealt with at no additional costs. We were very impressed with it, so we recommend Celebrity Cruises to anyone who wants to try sailing.