The first thing me and my wife liked about Costa Cruises was the large number of ships – almost 20 – to choose from for our cruising vacation. The first time we cruised with this company was some 3 years ago. The first time around we sailed aboard Costa Atlantica, but this time we decided to board Costa Mediterranea. Let me tell you we couldn’t be more happy both times! I want to share my impressions of the second trip though, because they will be more relevant.

During our first trip we enjoyed delicious food for most part, but we read some bad reviews about the restaurants on Costa Mediterranea. After the first two days on board we decided people have different tastes in food and won’t always like the food. The chefs prepared dishes that could have been made at home by our mothers, but presented in a fancy way.

We had a very clean room equipped with a hair dryer, towels, and bathrobes. We even had slippers, but we don’t normally use those at home, so we didn’t use them in our trip either. Our steward was very kind and paid a lot of attention to all of our needs. We loved his service a lot, and so we tipped him several times during our trip. This made him pay even more attention, making us feel very comfortable.

I forgot to mention that this vessel is meant to carry over 2500 people, but this time around it hosted nearly half. This increased our level of comfort and luxury. Maybe our only complaint is related to the entertainment, however couples can find many other things to do as not to get bored. However we came prepared with both movies and some classic games. The games helped us make some friends, so in the end there was no loss with the entertainment aspect.