The first thing I want to say is that Delta Airlines is the company you should book if you ever need to fly anywhere! With booking the right seats you can collect air miles that never expire, and this is great for those who rarely fly. I must say that I flew with other airlines before, but I was never completely satisfied with them.

Each time since I started flying with Delta I was greeted by personnel who did its job more than efficiently. Their service starting with the check in and ending with the check out procedures were the best. They were always smiling and polite, and made me act the same way in return. This also made the trip generally more pleasant and I felt I have no reasons to complain. The came with several types of snacks, but if you’re allergic to something, make sure to either point it out or bring your own.

We were provided with top notch entertainment which is always a plus no matter how short or long the flight is. The seats were also comfortable and looked new and clean. I can’t say the same about many other aircrafts. I needed a pillow as well, and the flight attendants obliges really fast. I can’t begin to describe just how comfortable that pillow was. On top of it it smelled fresh so I had no problem in touching it. And even though I didn’t request it, I received a blanket as well. I did feel a little chill at a certain point during the flight so I was grateful for it.

I don’t think I will ever change my choice of airlines anytime soon, and I will suggest this company to anyone who wants the best service and value for the dollar while flying.