I heard many good things about Dollar Rent a Car before I rented a car from them. I needed a car for only 4 days, including the weekend. I needed a car with a large trunk because I was traveling with my two daughters and we had a lot of luggage. I went on the company’s website first to see what offers they have. There are many good deals on there, so I just chose the car I wanted. I got the email confirmation which arrived pretty fast. The customer service also included directions to where I should pick up the car from.

When I went to get my rental things went pretty fast. I heard drivers usually complain about waiting in line, but I had a very good experience. There were only 3 people ahead of me and so the clerk was very friendly and smiling the whole time. As a plus, the other attendant was very quick to answer all the questions we had. Their efficiency paid off as I was heading to my car in just 15 minutes!

Once we reached the car I chose the attendant, Mike, made sure to point out and to write down everything that was wrong with a car. Basically a few cigarette burns on the passenger’s seat and a few scratches on the passenger’s door were the only things we noticed. The car’s interior was clean otherwise, but I was instructed not to smoke in it unless I agreed to pay an extra fee to the warranty fee. Apparently this is a new policy they were using. Me and the kids don’t smoke so I didn’t pay anything else upfront. When I returned the car, the process was once again very smooth, but I had to wait in a longer line.