I care about my comfort during a flight, and this is why I chose to fly with Emirates Airlines. I was taking a vacation and traveled from Melbourne to Dubai. This was my first time in business class, so I was hoping for something special. I was not disappointed with this airline.

The food was great, but beside that you can even get several more meals in business class. I really enjoyed this, especially because I also got some extra drinks. The angled sit made my flight very comfortable, and I did not feel very tired upon arrival. The service includes a drive from the airport to the hotel and back, and this was really helpful because I did not want to lose any time. I was impressed with the legroom, and the pillows were super comfortable. If you get a little cold during the flight, there are plenty of cozy blankets to cover yourself with.

The crew was not disappointing either, they are attentive and nice. When I asked for a bottle of water they brought me one right away. When I went to the bathroom I noticed it was very clean and organized. Many other Airlines have dirty bathrooms, but not this one. I felt pretty relaxed during my flight, and my muscles didn’t hurt after. If you travel alone you should know there are great movies to watch on the plane. The headphones have a good quality and the sound is top notch. Amazingly, the trip was also pretty quiet and my luggage hasn’t been lost. I had problems with this in the past and was relieved to get better treatment.

Sometimes a long trip can get boring, but Emirates Airlines made everything seem fun. I had a pleasant experience with them so I will keep using their services whenever I travel.