Renting a car is not always simple, so I had to choose a reliable service to help me out. The best one I found is Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and I was not disappointed with their selection. They have many different cars you can choose from, based on your needs. You just need to specify all the details and the car will be ready for you.

If you have a disability, you should know that the company provides special cars for disabled drivers. I know some of the cars are not available on spot, so make sure you request one 2 days beforehand. For me that was fine as I didn’t need the car right away. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is also very committed to protecting the environment and thus provide Eco friendly cars. This feature only was a huge plus for me. Beside hybrids, the company also offers luxury cars for special occasions, vans, and even moving trucks. If you are moving to a new location they can help you find the perfect moving truck right away.

You can rent the car by day, or even by month. Most people don’t need the rental for such a long time but this options is also available. Furthermore, the rates drop considerably if you rent the car for more than one month. I had to rent a car on my trip and it was very easy to pick it up in one location, then drop it off in another. The company makes things real easy for all its customers. One time I needed a car overnight and I was glad this option is available.

The fees are pretty much standard and I didn’t get charged for extras. So, this car rental company is a good choice for people who are on a budget too. I am a satisfied customer and will go back next time.