Not many people are aware that when you book a seat on an Etihad Airways plane you also receive a driver. Your car will be most likely a sedan, like mine was. My driver was courteous and came on time, which doesn’t happen often. This car was very luxurious and to be honest I didn’t really want to get down, but I reached my destination.

We are all used to the straight and crowded seats most airplanes have, especially in the Economy class. My ticket was for a Jet, in the herringbone seats and while they looked scary at first, it turned out I had nothing to be scared of. When I embarked, the crew was very polite, showed me to my seat and invited me to relax. It turns out I could really relax as the seat was really comfortable. Throughout the flight, the attendants came to help me adjust the seat’s position and even did it for me! This is a rare happening on most aircrafts – both my own experiences and those of other passengers told me so.

The food we got was delicious, even if the selection wasn’t very wide. I can say the same about the drinks selection. I think the food was prepared on the spot because it took them quite the time to serve it. We were given water and other soft drinks quite fast though, as they clearly didn’t need preparation. I couldn’t really choose between ice cold or room temperature, as I have sensitive neck. It just happened for them to have some bottles that didn’t fit in the fridge and I could get those.

All in all, the staff was friendly and offered top notch service. Everyone should fly at least once with Etihad Airways or only with this airline company.