Generally mountains are places you can visit at any time during the year, because even if the seasons change you will still have stuff to do and enjoy. Mountains are known to offer great views and adventure opportunities, so it would really be a shame to pass on the chance of spending at least one weekend there. Let’s learn more about the Mountain View Grand Resort in Whitefield, New Hampshire, and what it has to offer.


Make an appointment at the spa

Going to the spa is a favorite activity among women, but men should also try it out from time to time. This spa offers various beauty treatments for both men and women. You can even book a girls’ day out for those times when you want to spend some quality time with your girlfriends. This package is also perfect for brides to be and their bride maids. Not only can you get your face looking better, but also get more relaxed with a massage, and have your nails and hair done as well.


Host your important event here

The important event can be a wedding, or any type of gatherings or presentations. This resort has more than 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space, and therefore both big and small gatherings can be organized here. Both straight and gay couples can get married here. What’s more is that this location has been chosen by many couples already for their big day, and they haven’t been disappointed in the received services.


Go check out the Cog Railway

This railway is some 20 miles away from the resort, but well worth a visit and a ride. The Cog train is the first one in the world designed to climb mountains, and the views are simply stunning. What’s more, is that you won’t even be able to ride another Cog Train on the East side of the Rocky Mountains, as this one is the only one.


Go explore the nature

If you want even more fresh air than at the resort, you can always go in one of the state arks in the area. These parks provide many hiking trails that can be explored by bike as well, allowing you to cover more area in a shorter time. The parks also offer other type of outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, swimming, and more.


Learn how to make maple syrup

Maple syrup on pancakes is an all time breakfast staple for many people living on the American continent. You can learn more about this syrup by visiting The Rocks Estate which is open year-round. You can sign up for an organized tour or have a self guided tour. If you want to see how to make maple syrup, plan your visit in early spring because that’s when it’s made. You can even have a picnic if you want to admire the surroundings for longer. Make sure to pay attention to most of the building on the property as most of them are historical landmarks.