Some destinations are more romantic than others, and one feature that makes them be considered romantic or not, is the possibility of having your wedding or honeymoon there. Let’s learn more about The Summit Resort and what makes it special and worthy of paying a visit.

Get married here
As you might have guessed, The Summit Resort is a perfect place to have your wedding at. Its facilities can host quite large weddings. The resort has its own wedding planner and can even take care of the catering aspect of a party. While you’ll need to book in advance, you will be able to take advantage of the scenic views that can be seen through the large windows of the ball room. The area itself has quite a few wedding vendors as well, therefore all aspects of this important event can be easily taken care of.

Kids friendly resort
While the kids’ presence at a wedding is usually not welcomed, you should know that the resort has a playground for them, to keep them buy. Of course, the playground is opened to all the children who are guests of the resort, throughout their stay. Having an area specifically designed for younger gusts is awesome for all the guests, as kids can be quite noisy and they get bored really fast. Here they get busy playing and performing a series of fun and age appropriate activities.

Play golf
Golf lovers can practice, improve, or even learn a few new golf tricks at one of the six golf courses in the area. The resort may not have one of its own, but this shouldn’t be a concern for someone who really wants to relax. Of course, these golf courses come with a variety of difficulty levels, to give everyone a chance at learning or improving. You might want to also bring your camera, just in case you see some really impressing landscapes.

Visit a real mine
You may not know this, but the Ruggles Mine is in the area, and it’s open to visits. You will want to visit this mine because it is the oldest mine in the United States. People used to extract mica, uranium, feldspar, and beryl, from this mine for some 175 years. However, these weren’t the only minerals to be found and extracted here, but the most important. If you’re to find some nice looking rocks during your visit, you are allowed to collect them. Furthermore, the mine also has a gift shop where you can buy a variety of items, mot made from the minerals found here.

Hiking and snowshoeing trails
As odd as this may sound, it actually isn’t, because the trails can be used for both activities, in their respective seasons. You can find trails of various difficulties, from easy to difficult trails. Of course, the resort’s staff can offer tips for which trails are better, not just for your experience, but attractions and beauty. Most likely, you can ride a bicycle as well on those trails, so keep an eye open for bike rentals as well.