There are various people and companies out there and not everyone is compatible with everyone else. This is probably the main reason for which you won’t be reading many strong and positive reviews about Fox. This happens more with drivers having little car and car renting experience. It is my strong belief that with the right questions anyone can get a good car from a car rental and for a decent price too.

I visited San Francisco and needed a car for the few days I had to stay down there. The front office service is not the best, but I was much more interested in getting a good deal, than in anything else. It seemed I went there on an extremely busy day and Fox couldn’t bring in more people to lessen the stress. I also heard there would be even less employees after a certain. All I can say is that these front deskers were doing their best to get the job done right.

I asked for a car similar to a Camry, and all they had was a Corolla. I settled for it and made sure I inspected it well inside and out. The guy helping was writing down all the blemishes the car had so there would be no mistake when I return it. He was very efficient at doing so. I’m a careful driver and I made sure not to damage anything. The car ran smoothly and this is not something \i can say about the more expensive car renting companies. Returning the car was easy peasy as there were almost no other customers waiting.

I must warn everyone about being charged some extra money as a deposit in case of damages, before the rental itself. However, as I caused no further damage to the car I got my deposit back no questions asked.