When I travel, my main priority is to reach my destination in one piece and with all my luggage. If I can get a decent price for the trip I’m even more happy. You can easily tell I’m not the pickiest traveler, unlike many out there. I’m therefore easy to please, but I’m not shy about voicing my opinion in case I find or see something that disturbs me. Before I booked my plane tickets with Frontier I made sure to read all their policies regarding extra fees and charges. I also made sure to confirm everything by phone. This is something everyone should do before traveling anywhere if they don’t want to be taken by surprize and have to pay for stuff they had no idea they were supposed to pay for.

My flight took off on time, as the crew did its job well when it came to the check-in and other standard procedures. Because the ticket fare was very low and the flight was short we weren’t offered any meals, just some snacks we were supposed to pay for, but I already knew this. I also knew there wouldn’t be any WiFi connection nor entertainment, but this only prompted me to work on some other projects that needed my full attention. Other passengers had their music players on, books, and other form of personal entertainment. If you have a longer flight or wish to sleep during yours, make sure to bring your own pillow as you’ll be more comfortable.

I also recommend bringing a single smaller bag with you and to have it checked in with you. There are three reasons for this: you pay less, the compartment over your head is large enough, and you have the certainty of not losing your belongings. It is better to be safe than sorry.