Me and my family decided to go on a holiday together in Honolulu. We opted to fly with Hawaiian Airlines. We simply had nothing to make a fuss about because we found everything to exceed our expectations. But let’s start with the beginning. First of all the staff at the check in point worked fast while making sure everyone was getting on the right plane. There were a few people who nearly got on the wrong plane because of some misunderstandings. But this had nothing to do with Hawaiian Airlines.

Inside the cabin we were able to sit together, making it easy to talk or be more comfortable while keeping an eye on the kids. The seats were rather hard, but like this they gave the impression of being new. Despide being hard our seats had a lot of room for our legs, and we don’t even have short legs. The cabin and everything else also looked new and therefore clean, which is a big plus in our books.

The crew came with various foods and drinks, and to our surprize, we had plenty of things to choose from. We usually avoid using the restrooms while traveling, unless the trip is really long. We all really needed to use the restroom during this flight and while we expected to find a dirty floor and everything, we noticed we had nothing to worry about: it was sparkling clean! There was even a nice fragrance in the air! Whoever took care of this aspect sure went above and beyond!

I must mention our airplane took off on time and as a result it reached its destination on time as well. We really couldn’t have asked for more. Hawaiian Airlines is the company that everyone should book if they need to fly somewhere.