If you want to sails across the oceans better book your trip with Holland America Line. Their best ship is called Amsterdam. This ship stands out through its combination of new and old styles, making the vessel appealing to everyone. This particular style is what also makes the passengers feel more comfortable and at home while on it. I personally liked the collection of antique art. The ship has a smartphone application helping you to better explore its exhibitions.

Some people can better enjoy their meals if there is some form of entertainment available while they eat. The staff on Amsterdam went all the way to hiring a classical quartet to play some nice music. When dining, patrons can choose to either sit wherever they want or to have a seat assigned to them. I am not a fan of being told where to sit, so I find these options well thought out. Unlike many other ships out there, Amsterdam is one of the few that feels crowded, even when almost all the rooms are occupied. This happened for a short period of my trip. I felt the crowd more present during the meal time as everyone was rushing to the restaurants. Speaking of which, there is nothing I can complain about regarding the food and the service. I have some food allergies and the staff was fast in offering food options. I couldn’t feel more relieved!

Some cruising ships have a strict dress code. This wasn’t the case for the vessel I chose. Everyone was wearing casual and comfortable clothes during the day, and would try to dress nicer for dinner time. We had at least two formal evenings during which long dresses and tuxedos were required, but not everyone followed the instructions. This aspect didn’t cause any conflicts, so I’m really happy for sailing with Holland America Line.