I had a weird travel experience. It all started with not finding a return flight from the same company as the one taking me to my destination. I really didn’t want to change my airline, but I had no choice. The first trip wasn’t what I expected it to be and I was even considering another way of getting back. However I boarded the JetBlue Airways plane and I realized I was worrying for nothing.

First of all the check-in process was handled very well although some passengers appeared basically at the last moment. This of course delayed the departure by some 15 minutes, but the staff wasn’t to blame because they hurried the process as much as possible. The pilot took off almost as soon as all the passengers occupied their seats. I really complain on this aspect especially since we managed to land on time as we were supposed to. Everyone knows that an aircraft is not a 5 stars hotel and can’t expect much from the seats, however mine was comfortable enough to be able to sleep in it.

I noticed the cabin and seats were on the clean side. This helped me nap better during this flight. Additionally for the time I spend awake I didn’t get bored at all since there was plenty of entertainment available, though I had to spend extra $5 to be able to enjoy something. I chose to snack on some peanuts and luckily for me the bag I got wasn’t all that small. The catering service seemed above expectations as well, but since I slept a good part of the flight, I didn’t feel like eating more. The peanuts did make me thirsty though and the beverage selection was rather appealing. I however chose some water and that was more than enough for me.