Lufthansa Airlines is an old company so I knew they must be doing something right. Me and my family went on a trip to Germany last summer and this year we will be using the same airline.

We did not want to spend too much money on our flight, just to be able to enjoy our vacation. This airline surely provided great value for our money. We expected much less but Lufthansa surprised us. The plane had excellent entertainment options, and we got complimentary food and beverages. I was amazed by the in flight technology system. You can just plug in your laptop without needing to use an adapter. So I even got some work done and did not lose any time while flying. My wife loved the cozy and comfortable seats. She has back problems, so the angled lie-flat seats were of great help to her. There are iPod ports available for people who want to listen to some music when bored. You can even watch some cool movies.

The food was great to be honest, with plenty of different options. You can choose between a burger, salads and they have some nice snacks too. I didn’t need to use the Internet but I saw other travelers did. The airline apparently provides Internet for a fee, and this is a good thing to know for my next trip.

The flight crew was careful to pay attention to everyone. When I asked for a bottle of water the flight attendant returned with it on the spot. Our plane also had a very clean bathroom, with feminine products included.

I have nothing bad to say about my flight, and will tell my friends about Lufthansa Airlines. I will travel with the same company next time we visit Germany as I was satisfied with their services.