If you want to be surrounded by an Old World Italian ambience during your trip, any of the ships owned by MSC Cruises is where you want to be. Boarding any of these ship will offer an unique adventure because the cruises are designed for European travelers. Only recently MSC Cruises decided to sail across oceans as well and to accommodate tourists from other countries too.

I boarded on Poesia and the first thing that struck me was that the personnel wasn’t there to act like a nanny. This didn’t bother me as I prefer fending for myself, but this is something other people, especially North Americans, might find as a minus. Because Poesia sails from Northern Europe to South America, all announcements are made in 5 languages. Additionally, the currency changes depending on the continent: American dollar for the trip in the New World and Euro for the Old World sails.

To be noted that I loved the slowed down pace at which European tourists enjoyed their cruise, and that all the meals had smaller portions than what I’m used to. I believe this helped lose a few pounds, which isn’t so bad. Additionally I felt like I could move after dinner without feeling uncomfortable or sick. The second evening I felt hungrier than usual and so I requested another serving. It didn’t take long for my food to appear on my table, but sadly I couldn’t finish it.

I don’t speak any other language other than English so I was afraid I will have a hard time making myself understood by the Poesia staff. I had no problems in this regard as everyone I talked to was speaking English fairly well. Whenever I needed something, like some ice in my room, it has been brought to me rather fast. I definitely advise anyone in search for something different to board an MSC Cruises ship.