I was pleased with the features offered by National Car Rental. I needed a car to commute from the airport and this company exceeded my expectations. The customers service is incredibly attentive and nice. I didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes, and many cars are available for rent. The attendant let me know which were the newest cars. I got a minivan, but the selection is pretty big.

Another thing I liked was that the cars are all in good condition. You won’t get an old vehicle that barely functions. Everything is clean and organized. The cars come with hand controls, comfortable seats and all the modern features. The renting fee is also very affordable. I expected many extra costs but that was not the case. I even got car recommendations, because I did not know what to choose at first. Some of the cars look brand new!

I asked around and found out that National Car rental also offers various discounts. You can get one free rental if you rent 7 cars at once, or for a longer time period. It all depends on what you need at the time. I was able to out of the airport quite fast, without wasting some 20 minutes more. No sales person tried to push me into buying something like it happened with other companies. The return experience went smooth as well, I just drove to the location and left the car there. I was given a receipt and was good to go. No hassle or problems.

All these things helped me decide to keep using this company’s services. I would recommend this car rental company to anyone who is busy and doesn’t want to lose time. I had a lot of fun driving the minivan and everything went super well.