There is one thing I know for sure: everyone seems to want to fly with Qatar Airways. This means the crafts are more crowded than on other companies, however the crew is friendly and rather effective in attending to everyone on time. What really surprised me and my wife was that the staff called us using our names, making us feel special. Additionally they took their time to explain what the various buttons did and made sure we understood. The seats had a herringbone arrangement making them a little bit more comfortable. They also turned into flat beds, but I kept mine a little bit raised. Those who wanted to sleep had no problems doing so: the craft was quiet, unlike many others.

The food we were chose was simply delicious. Sure the servings were small compared to what we were used to, however we soon noticed that it was better this way. We were able to enjoy our trip without feeling sick because of too much food. Other passengers asked for seconds, and we could hear them complaining they weren’t feeling too well. Qatar Airways has a poor selection of beers, but they make up for it with is selection of fine wines and cocktails. The entertainment was also impressive: even the kids had many things to enjoy if they so wanted. Speaking of children, we didn’t have any on our flight. We were thankful as we were very tired.

I noticed how another passenger wasn’t feeling very well due to some health problems he had. The head of the crew went the extra mile and made sure he was comfortable and even brought him some natural remedies. Maybe the extra attention was also due to the fact that the passenger was a senior citizen of his country. In any case, this incident helped with restoring our faith in humanity.