Robert and I are married for 23 years and we enjoy traveling. We used all means of transportation for our excursions, and we loved sailing the most. When it comes to choosing a cruising company there is no other comparing to the Royal Caribbean International. Its fleet is huge, and choosing a vessel is the most difficult part. In the end we decided to go with Freedom of the Seas. This was our 3rd time sailing with Royal Caribbean International, and both previous times we had a wonderful time.

We already knew this vessel was going to be big, after all it was the biggest we set foot on. Our trip was meant to last a couple of weeks. We wanted to embark on a ship offering various activities because we like to keep ourselves busy. On of the most entertaining activities was the Flow Rider, and I don’t want to spoil this event for those who don’t know what that is. I think were just a little unlucky with the lack of activities designed entirely for adults, however we were still able to have a lot of fun.

Many people worry about the food. We were just a little worried because we couldn’t know how talented the chefs were. However, The Main Dining Room is where the good food and service were to be found. This doesn’t man the other restaurants didn’t have delicious food or great service, because they did. We simply prefered this particular one for some reason. Throughout our cruise we were able to enjoy fresh fruits and cookies as well. These were available at the buffet and their presentation was very original. This was a real surprize for us and we greatly appreciated it. Everyone should go on a cruise with Freedom of the Seas.