I chose to book a flight with Saudi Airlines because I heard good things about them. My flight turned out to be a real pleasant one so I realized I made the right choice.

As soon as I got on the plane I noticed the seats were real stylish and also comfortable. I read online that the seating has been replaced and the new system is great. You will feel comfy even when your flight is long, like mine was. The takeoff menu has so many options, and they include fruit as a part of the tradition. You can get any food or snack you want, same with drinks. I enjoyed a glass of cold soda and water. There is also a juice service right after the plane takes off, and later you can get lunch.

The inflight entertainment was also fine, and I watched movies while trying to relax. The plane offers headphones to everyone, and you can also charge your devices if you need. I listened to the radio and played some games as to not get bored. I was offered many blankets and pillows when I wanted to get some sleep.

Many travelers wonder about the flight crew so I can tell you they are very nice and helpful. Whenever I needed something they were there. There are refreshing towels available before landing. I found that helpful as I was in need of freshen up after my 10 hour flight. Furthermore, the flight was right on schedule, without any delays. This made everything much more convenient for me, because I was going on a business meeting. I got there just in time.

I can’t complain about Saudi Airlines, it seems they are taking their job very seriously. I will be flying with them in the future for sure.