Everyone says flying with Singapore Airlines was one of their best experiences when it comes to traveling. I’m here to confirm all the positive reviews you see out there. I traveled with my husband, and we are both rather picky when it comes to customer service: we want to be treated with respect at the very least. The Singapore Airlines staff was not only respectful towards all the passengers, but also friendly. There were some passengers who were afraid of flying and the staff’s friendliness eased their tension.

First of all, the airplane was clean and looked cozy. Sitting on our seats we noticed they weren’t only comfortable for our tastes, but we also had enough room for our legs as not to feel constrained by the space. We couldn’t really ask for more in this regard. We had a long flight and while we had plenty of things to do, we decided to nap instead as we were very tired. Our seats turned into cozy beds and this means we didn’t wake up with a stiff neck or back.

The flight attendants passed with food and drinks several times during the flight and the selection was fairly varied. The food and drinks we got were much better than we expected and this deserves a big thumb up for Singapore Airlines. We should have probably eaten more than we did, but then again, we didn’t feel particularly hungry during this trip.

When we got down from the plane we had no trouble retrieving our luggage. Our bags were intact as well, but then again we only use sturdy bags that are easy to pile on the flat side. Coming to think of how little we paid for our tickets, the treatment we got was beyond our expectations. I’m pretty sure we will only fly with Singapore Airlines from now on, especially for long haul trips.