If you need to fly across the United States you should only fly with Southwest Airlines. They offer the lowest fares and you can check 2 bags for free! Sure they don’t offer meals, but this only means their tickets are affordable. They also have countless flights daily and this further lowers the fare for your trip. When everything else is so expensive, paying less for your flight sure make a difference.

I need to travel quite a lot throughout the year. I always choose Southwest Airlines because they have the best value for the buck. I rarely need more than one bag and never more than two, therefore I never have to pay for my luggage, which is great! Their Boeings have the most comfortable seats I sat on while flying with affordable airlines. What I like the most is that whenever I get on the plane I’m told to choose the seat I like, as they’re not designated upon purchase.

Many people complain about other companies and their check-in process or about their flights being delayed. I never had a bad experience concerning these two aspects: the check-in personnel was always courteous and friendly, while operating fast. My flights were never delayed therefore I always reached my destination in the designated timeframe. On top of it, the plane offers WiFi service that can be used for streaming music or TV shows and on demand movies.

When flying, I hear many horror stories concerning the way a company handles luggage. People discover their bags get lost or extremely damaged. I never had such problems during my 5 years of flying with Southwest Airlines. Often times the misfortune other passengers experience is their own fault by either using poorly made, old, or by overstuffing their bags. I recommend Southwest Airlines to everyone who wants to fly and have a budget to stick to.