My tickets were really cheap for the distance I needed to fly. I had to buy tickets for my wife, our two children and me. The kids got discounted tickets because of their age. I’m not sure if this is something they offer on a regular basis because we didn’t fly with Spirit Airlines before. We needed some bags with us in the cabin and we had to pay a small extra fee for this. We didn’t mind paying more because it prevented other passengers from bringing in bags that were too big and occupying the whole luggage space overhead. I should note that Spirit Airlines mentions all the costs applying to your ticket on their website. Additionally, when booking, they ask detailed questions and tell you ahead of time what costs to expect based on luggage, or seat assignment. Many people don’t read these small but important details and then they complain about being charged more.

The crew was friendly enough for our tastes, so we can’t complain in this regard. We flew several times before, and we didn’t really need any assistance from the flight attendants. We didn’t want to stress them more with requests and such. They already tensed up because of our young kids, but they tried their best to hide it. We have been seated all together even though we didn’t pay for seat assignment. We noticed that we have higher chances of staying together when we didn’t book specific seats. We felt we had enough legroom, but most likely it wouldn’t be enough for tall and really tall people.

We really can’t complain about this trip, especially since everything looked clean and on the new side. As long as you get well informed ahead of time regarding everything about your airline company and the aircraft you too will be satisfied with flying with Spirit Airlines.