I heard that the Starwood Hotels & Resort chain is a reputable one so I booked a room at Sheraton Crescent In Phoenix. I have to say it was the best decision I made! The hotel is truly something else. The place is super high tech and offers some of the most modern facilities. Even though I was on a relaxing vacation, I had to stay connected with people I work with. The hotel’s conference rooms made all this possible.

I was surprised to see the comfortable office chairs and the luxury provided here. The Internet is high speed, so I never had any issues with my connection dropping. Sometimes I didn’t feel like using the conference rooms so I just used the lobby. There is a huge TV in there, and the hotels offers printing services too. I love using technology so this was a great feature for me.

You should know that this hotel is large so there are many rooms to choose from. I learned that all the beds have been replaced recently and the mattresses help you get some good rest.

Another thing that was very convenient for me was the location. This hotel is located in the centre of the city, so there is a mall nearby. I went to the mall to buy gifts for friends, and spent the day out. I stayed in Phoenix for 2 weeks so during the weekend I went to the pool. The Starwood Hotels are all equipped with large heated pools, where I just enjoyed a swim and relaxed. In the evening I ate at the restaurant which is casual but nice. They have a delicious variety of desserts for whoever has a sweet tooth.

I would definitely recommend this hotel chain to everyone looking for something modern but classy!