Whenever I try to rent a car from any company I have to wait in line a lot, or the personnel is rude, or I never get a car I find decent. However when I rented a car from Thrifty a few months back all the problems above were gone! The employees were nice and had a smile on their faces. On top of it, they let me choose my own car! This was more than I was hoping for.

Everyone knows hows most car rental companies try to suck as much money out of your pockets. They usually blame it on blemishes and damage caused by previous customers. This is something I went through no matter the company. However I learnt my lesson fast and always make sure to closely check any car I rent before driving off. I suggested this process to the guy meant to help me out and even though he wasn’t happy about it, he obliged. We wrote everything down to make sure there is no mistake afterwards.

When I returned the car I made sure to inspect the car with the agent in charge. This procedure ensure a seamless return process and no hidden or additional costs. I was charged just the amount of money I was told at the beginning and I think this is one important factor I should mention. I asked if it was possible to have the fee waived. The clerk was very quick to help out with this aspect as well. I was also happy with the car I got as it ran smoothly and its engine was making the right sounds for my ears. This made driving very pleasant.

If you know how the process of renting a car should go, then by all means give Thrifty a chance. Many people have a bad experience because they aren’t aware of the ins and outs of the procedure.