Maybe you are planning a trip to the sunny state of California, so read on for info on the things to do and see in Downey. The city might not be large, but here you can find a plethora of attractions worth checking out.

Columbia Memorial Space Center
Do you want to learn more about space and all its mysteries? If so, visit the Columbia Memorial Space Center for a few hours. The Center provides you with the chance to get some info with hands on exhibits and more.

Lock & Key Social Drinkery
Do you want to taste some delicious cocktail recipes? In that case, visit Lock & Key which is known to be the best bar in town. The bar offers a great atmosphere during weekends, and you can enjoy your drinks in very good company here.

The Wet Bar
If you are still looking to enjoy the nightlife in Downey, don’t forget to check out The Wet Bar. The bar offers many wine specialties and variations, and you will get to also try some local favorites. In addition to that, the bar also serves cocktails you might enjoy.

Downey Museum of Art
The Museum of Art features modern art that will satisfy even the most picky tastes. You can watch local and international art collections, and the museum is open to the public each single day.

Kandy Kays of California
If you are looking for a place to eat your favorite sweets, check out Kandy Kays. Here you will find the best candy in town, and the different varieties will make you want to return the next day. The shop also makes a good place to buy a sweet gift for someone you love.

Massage Envy Spa Downey
If you want to get pampered for a few hours or even a day, check out the luxurious Envy Spa. Here you will be able to enjoy a massage, a body therapy or a facial in a relaxing setting. Champagne is also offered.

The Anarchy Library
If you visit the Library on weekends, you can enjoy many events and musical performances. The place is well known for its performances, and locals as well as tourists gather here to enjoy a show.

Downey History Center
Learn more about the history of Downey with a trip to the History Center. The Center is also a good place for shopping and eating, as many of the city’s restaurants are located here.

Mambo Grill & Sports Bar
Visit this bar and you will not be disappointed. Mambo Grill makes for the perfect setting on a night out, when you just want to head into town and have a good time.

JC Tavern
Get a taste of the city’s best beer with a trip to JC Tavern. The tavern is the right place to go when you want to have a good beer, chill and maybe watch a sports game. If you get hungry you should know that the tavern also offers food options.