Check out the top 10 places to visit in Minneapolis and why, just to get a better idea of what the city offers.


Minnehaha Park

Parks are enjoyable to visit by the entire family, and this oasis does not disappoint its visitors. The park features the popular Minnehaha Falls, and is a great location for a weekend getaway. This is the oldest park in the city, and locals gather here each weekend in order to distress and relax.


Minneapolis Institute of Arts

If you are interested in watching European art, The Institute of Arts is the perfect spot. The museum features pieces by Rembrandt, but also art work dating back 5000 years ago.


Guthrie Theater

The 1963 opened theater hosts artistic performances on a weekly basis. Come here if you want to watch a Shakespeare’s play, or maybe one of the contemporary plays that are offered on weekend. The building was remodeled a few years ago, and is now one of the city’s most popular attractions.


Frederick R Weisman Art Museum

Are you a fan of art? In that case, go to the Art Museum in order to view the intrinsic architectural design and steel structure of the building. The museum is located on a campus.


Children’s Theatre Company

The theater company offers plays for people of any age, even if they were originally targeted towards children. The plays take place all throughout summer, and the theater makes for a perfect family trip.


Mill City Museum

Although it burned in a 1991 fire, the museum has been rebuilt from ruins and is now a main attraction point in Minneapolis. Mill City Museum looks both modern and classic, and features 8 floors made of glass.


American Swedish Institute

The state’s Swedish heritage is showcased at the American Swedish Institute. The Institute was built in 1929, and here you will get the chance to view Swedish textiles and artistic pieces.


Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

This 11 acres of space features beautiful sculptures designed by famous artists. The garden is also the home to the Flower Garden, and seasonal events are taking place here during the summer months.


Walker Art Center

If you are interested in seeing even more art, go to the Walker Art Center for a day. The Center features any type of art, such as visual and contemporary, but also artistic performances. The building includes anything you could need to satisfy your need for art and includes a cinema, lounges, coffee shops and even a theater.


Nicollet Mall

If you are in vacation, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to do some shopping. If you simply want to relax for a few hours, head over to the Nicollet Mall in order to satisfy all your shopping needs. The mall features a theater, numerous shops and art galleries for everyone to enjoy.


City Hall

The Municipal Building is a perfect backdrop for pictures, but also a National Historic Landmark of the city. The City Hall was built in 1900, and has undergone several revamps since its opening.