If you are looking for places to visit on your next trip, here are the top 10 places to visit in Virginia Beach and why. The city offers numerous attractions many tourists would enjoy.

Virginia Beach
The city is located right on the beach, and this gives you the chance to come back home with a nice tan. Go to the beach in order to experience the sun and clear blue waters, or maybe engage in some of your favorite watersports.

Virginia Aquarium
If you like family related attractions, visit the city’s main aquarium. You will be able to explore the huge aquarium, and maybe learn more about the species of sea life residing here. The Aquarium also offers permanent and seasonal exhibits, as well as educational programs.

Colonial Williamsburg
Although not many people know about it, this attraction is something you should see with your own eyes. Colonial Williamsburg is located about one hour away from the city, and includes a huge park as well as many colonial style homes.

Busch Gardens
This amusement park is nothing like you have ever experienced before. The park is carefully designed to satisfy the requirements of any tourists, and features some amazing landscapes as well as trees and plants.

Kings Dominion
If you didn’t have enough of amusement parks just yet, make sure to visit the Kings Dominion as well. The park features cool rollercoaster rides, water slides as well as anything in between. When you get tired, sit down at one of the cafes and enjoy some food.

Ocean Breeze Waterpark
This Caribbean style water park is the perfect spot for a day with your family. The park offers numerous attractions, and the exotic setting will make you want to come back here again soon.

Rudee Rocket
If you are looking for even more family related attractions, visit Rudee Rocket for a day of fun. The boat offers tours every single day, and your will get to view the city directly from a boat.

Cape Henry Lighthouse
The lighthouse was built in 1792, and has been revamped many times since then, Nowadays, Cape Henry Lighthouse is a popular tourists attraction for people all over the world. The Lighthouse is also one of the Historical Landmarks of the city, so take to time to visit it when you are in town.

First Landing State Park
The public parks in Virginia Beach offer numerous attractions, and First Landing State Park is no different. Take the time to explore it, sit on a bench and enjoy everything that nature has to offer. The park provide many recreational activities you may enjoy to engage in with your family. The park’s natural surroundings are the ideal place for picture taking.

Military Aviation Museum
You should not leave Virginia beach without visiting some museums. The Military Aviation Museum should be on your list, and the museum offers you the chance to learn more about planes and aviation. You can see exhibits, build your own digital plane and even watch documentaries.