Are you going to visit Kansas anytime soon? Here are the top 10 places to visit in Wichita and why. This will give you more ideas about the activities to engage in when you are on your trip.

Ulrich Museum of Art
Located on a campus, the museum offers both classic and contemporary art. The buildings is the home to many permanent but also temporary exhibits, and you will be able to view sculpture art as well if you are a fan of this style.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House
Historical mansions are always a good idea to visit during your trip, and the Allen House is no different. Take the time to explore all the rooms as well as the garden, and view the amazing architecture style of the mansion.

The Sedgwick County Zoo
The city’s Zoo has received positive reviews from organizations all over the world due to its efforts to preserve endangered species. If you are on a family trip, take your kids here for a day in order to visit the lions, tigers, elephants and rhinos. The zoo includes over 500 species of animals, and is open everyday to visitors.

Botanica Gardens
The 20 acre garden is packed with amazing flowers and plants you must see with your own eyes. The large park includes a cool butterfly garden, as well as a Shakespeare garden and a rose garden. If you take your kids here, this will give them the chance to learn more about the different species of plants all over the world.

Museum of World Treasures
This history museum includes artwork from many eras, and you will even see an authentic Egyptian mummy here. Take a couple of hours off your day to enjoy watching some art and learn more about the world’s history.

Great Plains Nature Center
This natural preserve provides both an indoor and an outdoor space, and will help you learn more about the flora in the region. Along with that, the Nature Center features many exhibits and educational programs.

Exploration Place
Do you enjoy science? In that case, head over to the Exploration Place in order to get some interactive experience in the field. The 100,000 square feet center gives you the chance to learn by engaging in several hands on exhibits.

Wichita Art Museum
The Art Museum is one of the most old museums in the city, and includes art dating back to the ancient times. Wichita Art Museum also provides lectures, workshops, and a large variety of permanent exhibits.

The Wichita Sedgwick County Historical Museum
This museum has a convenient location downtown, and is focused on preserving the history and art in the city. The building features a Gothic style that makes for amazing pictures, and hosts large collections of art along with seasonal exhibits.

Wichita Symphony Orchestra
The city’s symphony orchestra has been performing ever since 1944, and the amazing performances held here vary from jazz music to pop and classical music. If you want to know more about the upcoming performances, make sure to check the company’s website.