I traveled with Turkish Airlines many times and every time I was satisfied with their service. I think this is one of the best airline companies, and they really know how to keep their customers happy. I went on a trip from US to Greece and used their service last month. The trip was amazing, and I didn’t feel tired at all after landing.

What I really enjoyed was the food. The plane food is usually bad, but Turkish Airlines changed my mind about it. There are many choices so you can definitely enjoy a nice meal. When I travel long distances I need to rest, and the seats were very comfortable. I got some extra pillows, enough space to rest my feet and even some blankets. I was also offered headphones which came in handy because I do not like noise. So for some hours, I just listened to music and relaxed.

After some hours of traveling I got hungry again and I was offered more food. You get 2 meals plus some nice snacks, so I had nothing bad to say. The food was fresh and tasty. I also got a nice care package which included essentials like toothbrushes and a face mask. The TV in the plane has a big size, and the movies are not boring at all. I watched an action movie and did not feel the time passing by.

The flight crew are polite and friendly, ready to help you whenever you need. I liked the bathroom too, and was surprised to see stuff like flowers and soap for sensitive skin. The bathroom was also amazingly clean and modern.

All in all I would recommend this airline to any traveler. I had a great experience flying with them and will definitely be a return customer.