Last month I finally decided to take a couple of weeks off from work and decide to go on a holiday. I chose an exotic destination, and I decided that United Airlines would fly me there. Luckily for me I had many air miles in my account and decided to use them to pay for the ticket. I can’t tell you how smooth the process was! By using the mileage I had, they upgraded my seat from Economy to Business for free! I was also able to choose the seat I liked, and that was obviously one next to the window!

When check-in time came, the personnel was very effective at dealing with everyone in the shortest time possible. Inside the cabin, the flight attendants were polite, helpful, and always carried a smile on their faces. You could tell they really liked their job. We were also served some food, and the care they took in making it appear as palatable as possible was obvious. Sure this wasn’t the Ritz, but their selection of drink was decent and whatever I had helped me doze off. My sleep was more pleasant due to the comfortable seat of the aircraft.

We even had plenty of entertainment to help us further relax and pass the time. This was really nice because upon arriving to my destination I was even more excited about my vacation. My trip back home was still with United Airlines. The experience this time was on par with the previous one. We encountered a storm that gave us all a good scare, however the staff knew the routine well and managed everything and everyone really well. The airline company can’t be held responsible for the storm and I will fly again with United Airlines. I totally recommend them especially to those who never flew before.