I flew with US Airways many times, and I was satisfied with their services each and every time. I chose to go first class during my last trip to South America. The security clearance went much faster, so I didn’t lose any time waiting around. The flight also came right on time. That was great because many times the flights are delayed. After I got on the plane I noticed how wide the seats are. I had a lot of room to rest my legs and just feel comfortable. I always fly long distances, so having enough leg room is pretty important to me. The seats helped me not become too tired after the long flight. A variety of pillows are also available, along with warm blankets.

I liked the fact that complimentary meals and snacks are served quite often. So if you get hungry during your flight you can always grab a bite. i was impressed with the food too, because the selection was varied. I even got some extra snacks and drinks. There were salads, desserts, chips and popcorn. As for drinks, you can get different sodas, tea, and of course bottled water.

The flight crew is one of the most attentive I had the chance to experience. They had a smile on their faces at all times, and helped me whenever I needed something. The only thing I did not like was the fact there was no inflight entertainment, but I am not easily bored so that was fine. Everything else, including the plane and the seats were very modern. The bathroom was cleaner than I expected, and many different soaps were available.

I liked flying with US Airways, so I will probably recommend it to my friends. It’s nice to use a company that actually pays attention to its customers.