Virgin Airlines has good reviews everywhere, so this company was my first choice when I booked a trip. I was interested to see what they offer to their customers. Now after my trip is over I know I will fly with them again.

The first thing I was impressed with was the lightning. The plane had mood lightning so the colors of the light changed continuously. It was a spectacular effect that I truly enjoyed. The seats are extremely comfortable but also modern. No matter how long your flight is, you feel comfortable and cozy. When I wanted a drink I just used the cool inflight entertainment system. This airline has some high tech options I did not encounter anywhere else. The flight attendants are very helpful, and they always pay attention to everyone’s request.

The food selection is huge. You get sandwiches, any kind of salad you could think of, but also hot meals. They also have vegan options for people who don’t eat meat. I tried a little of pretty much everything. The flight also included wi-fi so you can just stay connected on the plane. That was great and not many airlines offer this feature. I listened to a lot of music, and I noticed there are more than 3000 songs to choose from on their playlist. The movie selection is great and like I said, the equipment is very modern and up to date. I even played some of my favorite games, and did not get bored at all. My flight was quite long, so I slept for some hours and felt super comfortable.

I look forward to traveling with this airline again in the future. The whole experience was amazing and very different than what I was used to. Virgin Airlines became my favorite company after my latest flight.