There are few hotels that can satisfy the needs of as many people as possible, but when they offer breakfast in the room’s price, perhaps the location is on the right track. Not only does White Mountain Hotel and Resort offer the breakfast for free, but the wifi internet as well – you will most likely need a password for it.

Come here if you want to elope
Some people want to get married in a more unique manner, or are simply forced to marry against the wishes of their families. As romantic as this sounds, you need to now that elopement packages are available to those interested. If you ant a full wedding, you can organize that here as well. There are several options to choose from for your big day, but you can be certain nothing will be short of your dream wedding. Other types of events can also be hosted here, but everything needs a reservation.

Come with the pets
Some of us have pets and don’t dream about going on a vacation without them. The difficulty comes from the fact that not many hotels and resorts accept our furry family members as guests. So far only dogs under 25 lbs are accepted and not more than two can be accommodated in the specially designed rooms. Everyone who intends on vacationing with their dogs must pre-register their pet, or there might not be available rooms. The dogs

Play some golf if you want
This resort has access to a 9 holes course designed by Albert Zikorus, called Hale’s Location Golf Course. This course is also fit for a championship, therefore you know it will pose some challenges. This course has really amazing views of the surrounding mountains, so come prepared. If this course is a little too challenging for your skills level, then try and check out one of the other courses in the area – surely the staff will be gladly to point you in the right direction.

Get pampered at the spa
The spa offers many benefits both to the body and soul. The several treatments available at any spa are meant to improve the appearance of the skin or to help the body relax. Looking better and feeling more relaxed will surely feel anyone feel better overall, and perhaps more happy. This resort’s spa has many types of treatments to choose from, and the more you select, the more pampered you’ll feel. You should pay attention to the fitness center which is connected to the spa.

Come at any time of the year
Not everyone can goon a holiday at the same time, and if they did, the hotels and resorts would be overcrowded. Having a hotel opened at any time of the year is an advantage for everyone. The guests can have the security of having things to do throughout the year, no matter their preferences. The activities are available both at the resort and in the surrounding areas, and mountains, and most of the time they are specific to the season.