I never heard any of my friends complaining when staying at a Global Hyatt hotel, so that was my first choice. I went to Toronto for a few days, just to visit some old friends and relatives. I chose Park Hyatt Toronto and just as you can imagine, was not disappointed. Now, for the things I liked the most about this hotel. The location is super convenient for anyone. I’ve never been to Toronto before, but had no problems locating what I wanted to see. If you’re interested in shopping you should know the best stores are just a few steps away.

My room was incredibly spacious and classy. I had a king sized bed that I took full advantage of, as I was pretty tired after my trip. The rooms have heavy curtains and a classic style, so it feels both cozy and nice. This Global Hyatt hotel is very elegant and has a great design. It’s also not as crowded as I expected, actually it’s pretty quiet. If you just need to rest and recharge your batteries this is the ideal place for that.

I went to the business center the next day and all the technology is super modern. To be honest, this hotel surprised me because it achieved the perfect balance between comfort and style. The bathroom is large enough and the decor is something that the architects put effort into. In the evening I went to the rooftop bar which is amazing. You can get a good view of Toronto, and have some drinks with your friends. I traveled alone but the whole atmosphere was chill and relaxing. i even noticed some people brought their pets, meaning this hotel is pet friendly. Great experience overall, so give it a shot next time you’re visiting Toronto.