I only heard good things about the Hilton WorldWide hotel chain, so I decided to stay at one of their hotels on my trip to Orlando. Orlando is a beautiful city and the hotel did not disappoint, just a expected. As soon as I arrived there I knew I had made the right choice. The hotel has an amazing architectural design and makes you feel like you entered a different world.

My room was extremely clean and put together, and the room service was impeccable. Even if this hotel is not quite new anymore, everything looks modern and high tech. One of the things I enjoyed the most when staying at the Hilton hotel was the pool. I did not come on a family trip, but I saw many moms with their kids at the pool. There are actually 2 pools, one for children and another one for adults. They are large enough for everyone to have some fun, but also get the much needed privacy.

The customer service was absolutely impressive. Everyone always had a smile on their faces, no matter what they were doing. This showed me that the employees are treated well and with respect. I can’t even begin to describe how good the food is. Hilton really lives up to its name. The restaurants are so varied you will find any kind of food. You should definitely try some ribs or a healthy salad. Even if you came alone, you will still be able to find some people to talk to. The other guests are usually very friendly and polite.

I got one of the more simple rooms, but the hotel is pretty luxurious. I had to keep in touch with co-workers, and the wi-fi connectivity was top notch. So, if you plan a business trip give the Hilton hotel a try!