Many travelers end up losing their bags, especially while flying. There are a number of reasons for this to happen, and knowing them can help you prevent this from happening. Here you’ll learn just how to avoid losing your luggage with little insight into the reasons this could happen.

By making a copy of your itinerary and leaving it in your bag
Some wiser passenger expected the worst and they made a copy of the itinerary or wrote their destination and name on a piece of paper and placed that in an outer pocket. Many luggage workers check the outer pockets for such tags to reduce the number of lost suitcases.

By checking in early
Travelers are not aware that it simply takes time to check and load the luggage in the airplane. Most luggage handlers will not take care of bags checked in with less than 30 minutes from departure. Those who check in late are the ones who lose their bags the most. You will read some stories about how some passengers checked their luggage late and they didn’t lose it. This happened because not all airlines and handlers operate the same way. The same principle should be applied when booking more flights towards your destination. A short window for getting off a plane and getting on the next one means the workers just don’t have time to process the bags.

By investing in the next generation of luggage tags
It is well known that luggage without tags get lost. Additionally, most old fashion tags get broken while the bags are handled. The next generation travel tags for bags include microchips and other elements that allow tracking the suitcases online. Some of the newest types of tags have unique codes that can be tracked online, therefore finding your suitcase will be very easy.

By traveling the Japanese style
If you haven’t been to Japan, or don’t anything about this country, it’s time you learned something new. Many Japanese people prefer traveling light, however they do take bags with them. The difference is that they ship their bags to their destination, and usually only on their way back. They are prone to do this only when traveling within Japan. Mailing your luggage to your destination doesn’t only ensure it not getting lost, but might also be cheaper. The only way to realize if this solution is better for you is by comparing the prices.

By making use of your smartphone’s camera
Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days, and it proves useful in many situations, including when people lose their luggage in the airport. Snap pictures of your bag both inside and outside. Additionally snap a few pictures of the tags as well. All these pictures will help you when filing an insurance claim, as well as when asking the staff to help you locate your bag.

Many plane passengers will try and fit everything in their carry-all luggage. Others book a flight that makes no stops, even if they have to spend a lot of time up in the air. While these solutions seem to work just fine for them it doesn’t mean everyone can do the same.