Packing can be tricky, and most of us make the mistake of packing more stuff than they need or use. There are a handful of travelers who manage to pack everything they know they need in a carry-on bag. If they notice they would have needed something else, they usually buy it at their destination. If you want to be among these folks, read on to learn how to pack the perfect carry-on bag for your next trip, be it local or international.

First of all you should know you’re allowed to take 2 carry-on bags with you on the plane and selecting the right ones is very important. Some people might choose a bigger one to put overhead and a smaller one to have right next to them. Knowing just how much space you can use is super important as you’ll be able to get bags big enough to fit all the items you could need on your trip. This means you will have to check the sizes accepted to all your bags on the airline’s website. If you have to book more flights for the same trip, you will probably have to choose the smallest bags indicated.

You simply can’t pack the whole house, but only the essential items. The best way to pack is by making lists. YOu need to start with the most important stuff, your travel papers and medication is you need it. Depending on the type of trip you’re making, make sure you write related objects, such as laptop, memory sticks, battery and charger if you travel for business.

No matter where you go, you might need some entertainment as well. You might want to pack a deck of playing cards if you’d like to make a few new friends, especially during a long haul flight. Additionally some e-books on your smartphone, tablet or reader will save a lot of space in your bags. If you prefer listening to music or to audiobooks, make sure you don’t forget your headphones.

You will have to prepare yourself for unpredicted events, such as various accidents mid-air, or having your bags lost. This means you’re going to pack some clothes in your carry-on bags, including at least one pair of fresh underwear. Rolling your clothes instead of folding and piling them up might save some space while preventing them to wrinkle. You should probably select fabrics that don’t wrinkle much, and pieces that can be worn for more occasions.

There are maybe 4 types of shoes you can bring with you: flats, sport shoes, some cute shoes with higher heels, and perhaps some flip flops. As a matter of fact, depending on where you go, you might be able to find many cute flip flops at your destination, so you can give those up. You might want to also give up the flats and wear your heels on the plane, but you can always switch to your sport shoes if it becomes too uncomfortable.

You will definitely need some toiletries with you, but make sure to pack anything liquid in a zip-lock transparent bag as the rules require. Your deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste must also come with you.