If you plan a fun and relaxing family vacation, you may want to book an all inclusive package. This type of vacation will provide you with everything you need without having to spend more on separate options. Here are some things you should know about all inclusive vacations and what they must include.

Pay attention to the offers
A real all inclusive vacation should include 3 meals a day, along with accommodation and daily activities. You should also get free drinks and entertainment. However, not all the resorts stick to this rule. In order to make the best out of your trip, make sure to read the offer carefully and see if it includes everything you need. Some hotels charge extra taxes and fees, and you must be aware of that beforehand. Double check for any extra costs or discrepancies before making your final call.

Hidden expenses
Keep a few things in mind when setting the budget for your trip. First of all, the waiters and cleaning staff should receive tips which will quickly add to your expenses. Furthermore, some of the activities you want to enjoy might not be included in the package. Browse the daily activity list and choose a package that comes with all the entertainment options you want to enjoy. If you are planning a party, check to see if the package comes with free champagne.

Real all inclusive features
Before picking a package, remember that things have changed over the past few years. A real all inclusive package should not only include accommodation and activities, but also snacks, alcoholic beverages, an open bar and children activities. Some courses and guided tours should also be included. The whole idea of booking an all inclusive vacation is not to spend any extra money, regardless of the destination you choose.