Top 10 places to visit in Davie – Florida

By | February 10, 2017

Most people in Florida associate Davis with education as the city houses seven of the county’s best universities. Of course there are other reasons to visit this city as well, so let’s learn more about them!


The Flamingo Gardens

This place is a family friendly destination and the oldest of its kind in the region. Its top attraction seems to be Florida’s largest tree, something that should be seen if you’re in the area.


The Wray Home and museum

The house was built in the 1930s and it was used by the Wray family as a weekend home. It can be found in the Flamingo Gardens and it is free to visit every day. Its main purpose now is to offer a glimpse into the lifestyle of that period.


Vista View Park

This park used to be a landfill but once it earned its bill of health things are much different. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities, such as fishing, playing basketball, or even riding horses.


Balearia Bahamas Express

This is not a place per se, but a ferry offering a rather unique experience. It is a high-speed catamaran ferry that can old up to 463 people, and sailing as 32 knots. You can go on it for a short and interesting trip.


A1A Beach Activity Center

If you want to go to the beach and enjoy all the activities possible around this center should be your main stop. You can book various trips on water or ground. Those who love eating, should ask about the Miami Food Tour for instance.


Arrowhead Golf Club

Golf is really a sport that can take your thoughts off of your daily worries, while allowing you to breathe in some fresh air. This golf club receives golf players of all skill levels, and lessons are also available.


Young at Art Children’s Museum

This place is ideal if you ran out of ideas of how to entertain your kids. There are many activities for them to try out while also possibly making some new friends. The most exciting feature of this museum are the art classes, and people of all ages can participate in them.


Buehler Planetarium & Observatory

Visitors of Davie, Florida who want to learn more about space and its planets can do so at this location. You can also see exhibits related to the universe, something that especially children love to see and learn about.


Brothers Farmers Market

Visiting a farmers market can sometimes take you back in time while allowing you to purchase fresh produce. Visitors can buy anything from fruits to vegetables that are in season, as well as other home and hand made products.


Temple Arts Fitness

Leaving home can mean that we also leave behind some of our routines. Those who worry about losing shape while away from home, can visit Temple Arts Fitness. The center is well equipped for every need related to staying fit and healthy. It also offers a good excuse to start working out for those who were afraid of doing so back home.