Top 10 places to visit in Greeley – Colorado

By | February 17, 2017

The number one reason anyone should visit Greely in Colorado is that they have something to do no matter the season. Let’s find out some examples, now!

Centennial Village Museum
There are 35 buildings scattered on 8 acres of land. Visitors come here to experience first hand the life at the time of the colonization of the area. The village is split in three periods of time, based on the stage of the colonization.

Pheasant Run Park
Those Who want to spend some time outdoors can check one of the many parks found in Greely. This one offers bird watching opportunities, grill and picnic areas, as well as playgrounds for kids or fields for soccer, softball or football.

White-Plumb Farm Learning Center
The uniqueness of this learning center is that it is still owned by the same family that created it more than 100 years ago. Several types of activities are possible here, beside learning something new and useful.

The public art
Art can make the world a beautiful place. There are over 100 pieces of public art displayed around the City of Greely, and some of the pieces can be seen in parks as well, therefore you’d be hitting two birds with one stone. The most common art are the murals and sculptures in all shapes and sizes.

Farmers’ Market
The Farmers’ Market in this city happens in the cold season and has many goodies to offer including entertainment in the form of live music performed by local musicians. Other activities include some cooking and gardening lessons. Addicionally new recipes are also shared for those who lack inspiration in the kitchen.

Brix Tap House and Brewery
There are many beer lovers out there and this tap house knows it. It collects the best beer from all over Colorado while brewing some of its own as well. HAppy hours and various events can also be enjoyed in this downtown Greely location. Hopefully you’ll discover a new favorite drink.

Colorado Model Railroad Museum
This museum sounds like one that kids would enjoy. There are well over 600 artifacts related to trains and railroads. The museum’s attraction is the 5,500 sq. ft. operating model railroad that visitors can walk through while it operates.

Guggenheim Hall
This building is a little over 100 years old now. Visitors go here to take pictures, though locals go here for art classes. Additionally, dancers can practice their moves right here on the third floor. Who knows, you might get the chance to know a future well known artist.

Highland Hills
This is the place where local golfers go to for their favorite pastime activity. Classes are also available and even kids are welcomed here to learn how to play. Clearly, everyone of all skill levels can come here to improve and enjoy the scenery.

Farmer’s Pantry
If you’re interested in supporting local farmers then this Farmer’s Pantry is the place for you to shop. Here is the place for you to find fresh farm produce along with other freshly made products like breads, jams, or even honey.