Top 10 places to visit in Oklahoma City – Oklahoma

By | December 14, 2016

A trip to a new place can be fun, so here are the top 10 places to visit in Oklahoma City and why.


Oklahoma City National Memorial

If you plan on visiting some museums, check out the Oklahoma City National Memorial. This gorgeous building open as a tribute to the 1995 attacks, and is still going strong up to this day.


Oklahoma Zoo

One day surrounded by animals sounds great, and you will be able to get back some of your youthful spirit. The Zoo is one of the largest in US, and here reside many species of animals including elephants and tigers. The Zoo features seasonal and permanent exhibits as well, and your kids can delight in watching the animals as well as take pictures.


Oklahoma Route 66 Museum

If you want to learn more about the popular Route 66, this is the place to go. The museum also includes old vehicles and memorabilia you may want to check out. In addition to that, the building has an amazing design you might want to take pics of.


The Myriad Botanical Gardens

Enjoy a sunny day out and visit the Botanical Gardens. The gardens features a large selection of flowers and trees, as well as specific arrangements that will take your breath away. Numerous events take place here in summer, so this attraction should be on your list.


Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve

Don’t miss out on the chance to view wild animals in their natural habitat. The preserve is rich in natural beauty, and is spread over 3700 acres. If you are looking for a family friendly destination, this is the one for you.


Gilcrease Museum

If you enjoy art, take a tour of the Gilcrease Museum for a few hours. The museum features a vast collection of American Art, and the exclusive tours offered by the place are something to try at least once.


Turner Falls Park

if you love nature and want to send as much time as possible surrounded by it, visit Turner Falls Park. The park enables you to simply rent a van and go camping for a few days, and you will not be disappointed after getting to know the beauty of this place.


White Water Bay

Maybe you are on a family vacation and looking for things to do. If so, both you and your kids will enjoy visiting the White Water Bay amusement park. the park features cool slides, many water related attractions and of course, ice cream booths.


Science Museum Oklahoma

If you want to get some hands on experience when it comes to science, visit this museum. Originally a place for children, the museum can be enjoyed now by adults as well.


The State Capitol

Perhaps you are thinking there is nothing fun about this building, but you might be wrong. The State Capitol makes a great backdrop for pictures, and it will also help you get a clearer idea of the city’s history. The building features a great architectural design, so bring your camera with you.