If you never stayed at a Marriott International hotel, you will be surprised. I went to Manila Marriott with my family for the holidays and it was great! The one thing that makes me want to go back to Marriott is the luxury. All the rooms are equipped with everything you need to spend a relaxing vacation. When we go for a leisure trip all we want to do is rest, and the bed mattress was perfect. The bathrooms are super clean and tidy, and include hairdryers and soft towels. Marriott really makes you feel spoiled! The bathtub is huge and the rooms also include a shower.

Our room was incredibly spacious and I loved that. Me and my husband have 2 kids and everyone had plenty of space. Don’t forget to check out the breakfast buffet. My kids are hungry first thing in the morning so we went downstairs for breakfast each day. They have croissants, exotic fruits, but also delicious omelets. You can get fresh fruit juice at the lounge as well. We tried out different restaurants, they have both casual and upscale ones. We ate Chinese food, then next evening went for a steak. Great options if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet as well.

In the morning my kids wanted to go to the pool while me and husband soaked up the sun. I went for a massage at the spa, and was amazed by how relaxed I felt. The masseurs are true professionals and made me feel comfortable.

I loved that this Marriott is so close to the airport. We carried a lot of luggage and needed a taxi, but you may not. If you just visit for a few days you can just walk from the airport to the hotel. Amazing experience overall, and we will definitely go back for our next vacation.